FOMYO brings communities together to celebrate children’s creativity.

Creating Student Galleries is EASY and FUN!



Students use their imagination and

create artworks in class.

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Students or teachers take a picture

of the artworks and upload on Fomyo.

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Friends and family can view the artworks online,

like and comment.


Connect with Art Teachers Around the World

By joining Fomyo, you can become a part of the ever-growing community of passionate art educators who share our mission of promoting art education at the school level.

You can browse through thousands of artworks submitted on Fomyo, by teachers and students from around the world! You never know where the inspiration for your next art class comes from!

Become a Part of Fomyo’s Support Art Ed Program and Help Raise Funds

When parents purchase our high-quality custom products designed using their child’s artwork, Fomyo contributes a percentage of the sale toward school art room supplies as part of our Support Art Ed Program. You don’t need to handle any order forms and Fomyo ships directly to parents.

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