At Fomyo, our mission it to unleash kids’ creativity and empower them by providing a platform where communities come together and celebrate children’s artistic expressions.

An Online Art Gallery: Fomyo is a children’s free online art gallery showcasing artworks of students from across the globe. With Fomyo, you will never have to worry about storing and saving your children’s creations on that overcrowded refrigerator or a dusty box on a shelf. We work with schools and parents to create free online art galleries and digital portfolios for students, making it easy to manage children’s artworks and also available for the whole world to see.

Giving Life to Your Kid’s Artwork: Every child is a creator at heart and Fomyo is the platform to help showcase that creativity in the form of beautiful products. You child puts his/her imagination on to paper and Fomyo brings it to life by creating beautiful and high quality lifestyle products that you or your kids can use with pride.

Support Art Education: When you purchase our high-quality custom products designed using your child’s artwork, Fomyo contributes a percentage of the sale toward school art room supplies as part of our Support Art Ed Program.

How we work

Every art that a child puts on paper, we turn it into a lifestyle product. As far as we know, kids are the best artists one can get on board. That is not it, with every product you purchase, Fomyo will finance the education of a kid in need.

We hope you’ll like it as much as we do!




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Wear your imagination. Inspire others and empower someone who needs your help!

Products Which Inspire


Still kids at heart.




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Responsible for doing a little bit of everything – from Strategy to Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, IT and sometimes even help print T-shirts to fulfill customer orders.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer FAQ

What are the Products that are offered by Fomyo?

Fomyo offers a wide variety of Garments in over 20+ Styles with 14 colour options in 7 different sizes for Men, Women, Kids, Babies and Accessories

Do you offer Organic T-shirts?

Nope, Not at this time

How can I upload my artwork to Fomyo?

Please go to:

Any Discounts for High Volume orders?

Yes, if you have more than 10 orders, we can offer you discounts. Please write us at: [email protected]

Can I email you my orders?

Yes. Please write us at: [email protected]

Can I do a rush order?

Fomyo treats all Orders as Rush Orders.
But If there’s an immediate need just drop an email to [email protected]

Can I change an order that is already submitted?

We will try as much help as possible. Please write us as soon as possible at: [email protected]

How long does it take for my orders to be processed? 

Generally it takes 8-10 days including order processing and courier transit time.

What’s the return policy? 

Since every products is customized only for you, we don’t accept returns through our website. In case you are unsatisfied with our products or services, please write us on [email protected] and we will do whatever is possible to keep you happy!

What type of delivery options do you offer?

We are active in US and India as of now and offering following delivery options:

  • For US Deliveries:
    * Pre-Paid Express Delivery
  • For Domestic(India) Deliveries:
    * Pre-Paid Express Delivery
    * Cash on Delivery (COD)


Artist FAQ

How can I upload my artwork to Fomyo?

Please go to:

What happens after Artwork is uploaded on Fomyo?

Once you upload an artwork, our design team reviews the Art to create the products. Once product designs are approved, we create or update the Artist’s gallery on Fomyo and place products in the gallery and on Fomyo website for buy and sell.

Who owns the rights to the Art /Design I submit?

Fomyo recreates design completely out of the artwork you submit. Fomyo owns the full exclusive rights to the Designs. For any concerns, please write us at: [email protected]

How do I get Prizes. Gifts and Scholarships as an Artist?

On every sale, Fomyo sends surprise gifts to little artist so they are motivated towards creativity. Sometimes it’s not possible to send a gift due to high cost of shipping, we provide equivalent Fomyo Credit quarterly so as to shop online on Fomyo website.

In case artist need credit as scholarship, please write us on [email protected] We can transfer the credits in the guardian’s account or school account as a scholarship

What do I get as Prizes and Scholarships?

We keep aside 5% of Sale amount for Prizes, Gifts and Scholarships for Artist.

How do you help another kid in need?

We micro finance 5% of Sale to fund the education of a kid in need. We do it through and